About Me

I bring ideas to life by creating meaningful and custom-made cover art and motion graphics.

The journey began in 2009 when, instead of buying me the PlayStation 2 I longed for, my Dad gave me access to Photoshop to play around with. Thereby he enabled my passion for creating satisfying designs to develop at a very young age. I never lost the fun I’ve always had playing around with a blank canvas or an inspiring object. Nowadays I can not only use this passion and knowledge for my own pleasure but aid you in making the first impression of your release right.

The practice of mindfulness taught me to look beyond the obvious. Over the years I’ve gathered inspiration from the history of art, well-rounded beats and rhythms as well as the beauty of nature and all there is yet to discover.

Problem Solver

Challenges do not scare me off, the opposite is actually the case. Whenever I realize that someone loses their broader view toward a problem and therefore the sight of any possible solution, my brain makes me go over every possibility to light the way for or with them.

Creative Thinker

Having quite the curious personality, I seldomly shrug off things as they are presented to me. I like to take a closer look from a different perspective sometimes, which teaches me something new every single time.

Logical Visionary

The most exciting thing about visions is that they are infinite. Through my work with various artists and my knowledge about the technical aspects of design I have developed the skill to project the vastness of a vision onto a very restricted space - just like when you look at a picture of our solar system.

I’m always looking for incredible people and
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